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AAA Energy Service Co.
Rhonda Ainsworth
Kathryn and Nick Andrews
Rebecca Asen
Auburn Mall Apartments
Rebecca Baggett
Kayla Bailey and Chris Rhoades
Deena Ball
Donna and David Banks
Laura Jordan Barger
Natalie and Ryan Barr
Peter and Jackie Bates
Brooke Beaney and Andrew Sharp
Kelly and Rick Bernier
Deanna and Chad Bevan
Jennifer Billings
Kristy and Andy Bishop
Bangor Savings Bank
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
Randi and Greg Blaisdell
Bob Crewe Foundation
Jessica Boger
Pamela and Jim Bonnvie
Jake Boudreau
Stacie and Jeffrey Bowden
Janet and Garrett Bowne
Blaze Partners
Elaine and Keith Brackett
Hope Bramhall
Emily and Alvin Bugbee, Sr.
Susan and Josh Burns
Elizabeth Buxton
Joseph Charlton
Dorothy and Gustavo Churrango
Carrie and Jason Cianchette
Corky & Carla Clarke
Lindsay Clarke
Anne and Rodney Coleman
Michelle Cook and Jonathan Plenn
Maddie Corson
Kate and Kurt Cote
Jodi Crawford
Randy Creswell
Dan Crewe
Jessica Cushing
Jared & Nicole Cushman
Lynne dal Poggetto and Burton Edwards
Rob & Christine Dalzell
Michael and Wagner Davis, and Collette Cushing
Christine and Rob Dalzell
Charles de Sieyes and Carol Ward
Jamie and Evan de Sieyes
Nick de Sieyes and Kimberly Null
Malcolm de Sieyes and Kim Schmidt
Ann Deering
Emily and Edward Demetriou
Abby and Dos Diaz
Alec DiNapoli
Belinda and Rob Donovan
Michael Dopp
Walt Dunlap
Shauna and Jim Dunn
The Harold Dudley Charitable Foundation
The Duquette Family
Falmouth Lions Club
Jenny Ellis and Jim Hauptman
Kristen and Bob Farnham
Sheila and James Farragher
Linzee and Eric Feigenbaum
Fiduciary Trust International
Heidi & David Fitz
Betts FitzGerald
Eugenie Francine and Brian Noyes
Kelly and Craig Frances
Michael and Molly Frank
Carole Friedman
Carol Frost
Garcia-Canning Family Foundation
Dale and Nicholas Genimatas
Stephanie Genimatas
Kate and David Giard
Sarah and John Giles

Fouachee and Gavin Gillespie
Susan and Tom Gilman
Phil Gleason and Mary Schendel
Kate and Michael Glover
Tami Goldsmith
Megan and Greg Gooch
Lesley and David Gordon
Sridhar Govindu
Elsa and Joe Graceffa
Cornelia Greaves Bates
The Greening Family
Cricket and Corey Grobe
Steve Grygiel
Sarah and Bryce Hach
Sara and David Hadden
Susan Hall
Katie and Brian Haney
Wendy and Sean Hanley
Lynn and Jeff Harder
Ellen and John Hart
Marie and Rick Hart
Jessica and Kevin Hathaway
Susan Hayhurst and Kyle Glover
Vicki and Tom Hendrix
Mari and Larry Henry
Dawn Hoffman
Gary and Mackenzie Howard
Stephanie and Rob Hunter
Martha Hutchinson
Jesse D. Bullens Crewe Foundation
Andrea and Jeff Jewett
Seth Johnson
Sara Juli
Lucia and Matt Kearns
Eleanor and Jake Keeler
Jen and Dan Kelley
Henry and B.J. Kennedy
Kathleen and Joe Kilbride
Patricia and Ben King
Eleanor Kinney and Steve Page
Jordan and Kendra Klein
The Kirkham Family
Robert Kline
Steven Knapp
Amy and Jamie Kuhn
Nancy and Sam Ladd
Landmark Realty
Edward Lawler
Michelle Leavy and Charlie Katz-Leavy
Alex LeGore
Gregory LeGore
Brian Little
Doug Maines
Matie Little and James Mallar
Katie and Marty Madden
Trish and Fred Madeira
Kristina and Justin Magnifico
Doug and Deb Maines
John Marr, Sr.
Joanne and Tom Martin
Mary and DJ McCrann
Richard and Carolyn McGoldrick
Jill McGowan
Emily and Jonathan Meserve
Pamela and Bill Meserve
Trish and Nathan Metivier
Meghan Miers
Katherine Moody and Robert McPheeters
Katherine and Dan Moore
Morong Falmouth
Sally Morris
Sandra Chase Morrissey
Elena and Ted Morrow-Spitzer
Morning Women’s Hockey
Wendy and Mark Murphy
Isabelle Murray
The Murray Charitable Trust
Gail & Andy Meyer
Mystyc New Media
Beth and Gerry Nadeau
Patricia Nease
Sara Nelson
Kelley and Jim Newkirk
Nancy Newman
Derek Nisbet
Jennifer and Jay Nolan
Norway Savings Bank

Earle W. Noyes & Sons
In Memory of Lester Noyes
Robert O’Connor
Tim and Wendi O’Donovan
Payson Oberg-Higgins
Meagan and Ashlan Oberholtzer
Bart Osgood and Holly Steele
Jenney and Jon Pantenburg
Caroline Paras
Partners Realty, LLC
Babe Paul
Harold Payson
Tari Pendleton
Ann and Ed Pierce
Ana and Teddy Piper
Julie and Jeffrey Plummer
Jennifer Pofahl
Joanna and Joel Pond
Maggie and John Pugh
Susan Pye
Christie and Adam Rana
Vanessa and Tim Record
Laurel Regan and Mike Aberle
John & Chelsea Reid
Mary Margaret Reid
RE/MAX By The Bay
Renee Reso
Alex Schroeder and John Risley
Mary Risley
Faith Rodenkirk
Martina and Fred Roediger
Susan Ruch
Stephen Russell
Tim and Meryl Ryan
Mara Sanchez and Matt Recker
Tisha and Andrew Sawyer
Karen Schilling
Crystal and Michael Schreck
Mason Sears
Paul Shapiro and Caitlin Pizzonia
Liliia Shuel
Tracy Silverman
SIMPLY HOME/Banks Design
Jeff Small
Mary C Smith
M.J. Storey Landscape Construction Inc.
Jamie and Becky Sullivan
Virginia Swain
Barbara and Peter Talbot
Jennifer and David Talmadge
Dawn Tamulvich
Tarbox family
Beth & Adam Taylor
The Thill Family
Jack and Susan Thomas
Thorsson Family
Town of Falmouth
Trevenen & Coploff, LLC
Sara and Jay Trickett
Two Lights Settlement Services, LLC
Twombly Family Fund
Adrianna Twombly
Cheri and Mark Twombly
Elizabeth and Dana Twombly
Hannah Twombly
Jennifer and Jason Twombly
Liz and Chris Twombly
Julie Vallelunga
Eric and Ingrid Vanni
Lisa Vicens
Kay and Ross Wadland
Becky and Craig Ward
Warren Mechanical
Dudley Warner
Robert Watson
Bart Weisenfluh
The Flack/Weisshaar Family
Jodi and Bill Welch
Pam and Peter Wellin
Donyelle Werner and and Alexander Ivanov
Widgeon Point Charitable
Stephanie and Carll Wilkinson
Scott and Laura Williams
Joe & Carol Wishcamper
Alan Wolf
Erin and Bryce Wolf
W. Godfrey Wood
Neal and Linda Workman
Joanna Yu and Alex Mazurenko


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