Opportunity Skate

Opportunity Skate is Family Ice’s donor-funded outreach program whose mission is to bring skating sports to children and adults with physical, mental and social deficiencies. Opportunity Skate offers skating opportunities to youth groups, disadvantaged children, senior citizens, teens at risk, as well as programs that support people with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Through this program, we introduce a fun and healthy recreational activity to people whose obstacles might otherwise prevent them from being able to participate. Opportunity Skate helps build character, self-esteem and a sense of self-worth through skating.

The program serves over 2,000 individuals and 50 different organizations each year.

Generous donors to Opportunity Skate include:

Dudley Foundation


Contributions are always welcome!

To make a donation towards our Opportunity Skate Program, please contact josh@familyice.org. We appreciate any contribution and welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have towards our program.


Opportunity Skate